What opportunities HASHSTREM?

Control of the miner

Full control over the work of the miner

HASHSTREM allows you to remotely install the miner into the system and monitor its operation. Also, our software will allow You to see the miner console as if you had run it on your PC!

The access to the file system

Need access to the files of the remote station?

HASHSTREM will allow You to exchange files with the remote computer. You can easily perform operations such as copying, renaming and deleting files. You can run the application remotely, on behalf of the system.

Process manager

Analyze the list of active processes

Hashstrem process Manager allows you not only to get data about active processes but also to find out who initiated its launch. You can change the priority of a process, block its access to the network, or prevent it from starting at all.


Offline mode


0 ₽

Monthly payment

  • Windows slots: 30
  • Linux slots: unlimited
  • The validity period is unlimited


1054 ₽

Monthly payment

  • Windows slots: unlimited
  • Linux slots: unlimited

Ontime mode


0 ₽

Monthly payment

  • 10 slots available
  • Validity is not limited


1920 ₽

Monthly payment

  • No limit on the number of slots

HASHSTREM is the market leader since 2015!

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